Chemical Manufacturers and Suppliers

Alkali Metals is one of the leading Chemical suppliers in India and USA for industrial and specialty chemicals, raw materials and minerals. Being one of the top chemical manufacturing companies, we manufacture and supply chemicals to industries in multitude verticals.

We are specialized Industrial Chemical Suppliers in providing our clients with fast and reliable chemical shipments to enable a seamless flow of raw materials. Along with our reliability, the quality of the products we deliver, easy ordering process, and our competitive prices is what retains our clients and attracts new ones for their chemical needs.

We have our own research and development department along with a research lab equipped with advanced technology and smart team for synthesis. Our best services have led us to establish long-term in-depth cooperation with many customers all over the world and be among the leading players of Industrial Chemical Suppliers.

About us

Being the best Chemical suppliers in India and USA, We have profound experience in synthesizing chemicals economically and continuously. Thus, we are the comprehensive solution provider in identifying, synthesizing and qualifying a wide range of chemicals. Being an R&D oriented manufacturing organization and a Speciality Chemicals Industry, we have developed extensive processes to make our characteristic products available to our clients in the given time and at the best quality.

Our familiarity and years of experience with the market standards and requirements have led us to consult our clients with the right knowledge and be among the best Chemical Manufacturing Companies. We are also one among the top speciality chemicals industry with over five decades of manufacturing experience.

Our vision is to drive innovation and expand the global operational footprint. We ensure quality and guarantee that all our chemicals meet our customer’s requirements. We also provide Sodium metal along with other chemicals, APIs and raw material additives for manufacturers in diverse industries. What makes Alkali Metals qualified to meet your clients chemical needs is our professional and hands-on experience. We are committed to building and maintaining lasting relationships with each of our clients and this is done with our personalized service.

About us